The Study: Skip the Books for Real! [Food Review]

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Processed with Snapseed.

Located along Keong Saik Road, The Study offers up a plethora of craft cocktails and around-the-world inspired dishes with a modern touch. With a food menu featuring small and large plates to sharing portions, Head Chef Danial is bound to surprise with interesting creations of a British flair.

The interior of the cosy social get-away is housed to an open kitchen facing chic-looking stools of red and blue. The atmosphere emits a underground den vibe, yet stylishly hipster.

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The Study’s list of cocktails spanned several pages, categorised according to your preferences for sweetness, sophiscation, strong and dangerous and so on. Even the names of the cocktails sounded as interesting as the drinks themselves.

My eyeballs literally popped at The Nutty Professor. It was really cute. The Tequila-based drink sat on a book with a mini lamp, half-opened glasses and some wasabi-coated peas. Who says you can’t look refined and learnt while drinking!

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Munch on this tower of Togarachi Baby Squids, fried to such crispiness without it being too oily. Easily polished off by one because it was so addictive. This is probably one of the best fried squids I have ever had so far.

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A trip to The Study is not complete without an order of the ever-popular Iberico Scotch Eggs. Comes with a side of Jamaican-inspired sweet potato salad, the meat to egg ratio was perfect with a crunchy crust and soft yolk.

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Dinner at The Study was a pleasant affair which I foresee myself returning to try the rest of the menu. The food was well-executed with the clever use of ingredients. No doubt, the most enjoyment part of the night went to the cocktails of which I would have had a few more rounds if not for my tight schedule. Well… that’s an excuse to revisit again. Surely, this is one spot you wouldn’t want to miss.

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The Study

49 Keong Saik Road

Singapore 089153

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